5 Food Items that Senior Citizens Must Strictly Avoid

It is always said that eat healthy and stay healthy. But this statement is not always true for adults. Many of the foods have high bacteria, food poisoning contents, which may compromise with the health and safety of the adults. For seniors, who want to avoid the illness due to foods, you can refer to this article. We have tried to mention few food items which adults should avoid.

  • Raw Eggs – As we know, raw eggs are eaten by many, to build muscles and gain more energy, but for seniors it is very harmful, as it is under cooked. Raw eggs present salmonella risk and is not good for seniors at all. Eggs are good for seniors only when they are cooked properly like hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs.

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  • Unpasteurized Milk – Unpasteurized milk is considered as great source of mineral and beneficial fats, but seniors should avoid it. This milk has harbors bacteria in high level, which is heated a lot to kill the dangerous bacteria and keep the milk safe. Adults should consume pasteurized milk, which is healthy and safe for them.
  • Multigrain Bread – Multigrain bread is good for health, but it should always be looked upon that what are the ingredients which are used for making the bread. If the content of refined flour is more, than it may be lacking nutrition and if it has higher content of fructose corn syrup, than it will harm the seniors. Always look for the ingredients, before buying.

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  • Low Fat Foods – People say not to have foods which have fats, but it is not true, some amount of fat is necessary for the body, to gain energy. Healthy fat like fish, nuts and olive oil have contents which are good for heart of adults. Healthy fat will provide brain and joint protection, which low fat foods cannot give.
  • Raw Meat – Some dishes like Carpaccio, streak tartare are not good, and should not be consumed by adults. The reason or not consuming it is, they are not cooked, and the bacteria are not killed. This can make adults ill. Adults can have chicken, cooked seafood to have good brain functioning.

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What is good for all may not be good for adults. The diet on every level of age is different. Adults should always look for cooked foods, and the ingredients of the food should be checked every time. Few healthy eating habits can keep the adults safe from illness, and keep their brain & joints fit. You can refer to this article for healthy diet plan for adults, and keep them healthy.